B-BOT: The Cheap Helper Robot for people in need.

2 Comments by Beatrice - Apr 1, 2013
B-BOT: The Cheap Helper Robot for people in need.
B-BOT is the project created and designed by an italian woman, Beatrice Rescazzi.
The aim of this project is to build a cheap robot helper for people in need.
B-BOT can carry objects, and will be a domotic station that can detect temperature, umidity, intrusions, and even gas leaks in the house. It will be controlled with light: so even an old person with motility problems or a child with a torch can drive it. If not driven, it will go to the most enlighted spot of the room and stop. Motors and sensors are driven by two different electronic systems so that the robot can check the house without moving, or, can move and entertain children without sensing the ambient.

B-BOT is already in the making, but needs contributes to go on in the development, as it's not originating from a robot company but from the efforts of a single resourceful person.

You can follow the development via this facebook page:

Rewards are expecially custom 3D printed objects you can chose and receive home, doesn't matter where you live.

This robot is based on Arduino UNO electronics and will be totally open source once the project is finished. This means I will not copyright anything, but I will share the whole project so that everybody will be able to assemble and build B-BOT following the instructions.

Thank you for your support! :-)

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This page was created by Beatrice.

I am a 38 italian designer and inventor. In the past I developed a computerized system for macular diseases, and designed a life-saver bracelet. You can help me to help others.

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  1. Beatrice, our guardian angel with this project.

    FransG , Apr 14, 2013

  2. Beatrice, go on with your project! Thank you for your efforts and your kindness! Looking forward to receive my 3D printed earbuds holder :)

    Angela , Apr 1, 2013