Feature Film Fundraiser

0 Comments by Ryan Callaway - Jan 4, 2010
Feature Film Fundraiser
Greetings and Happy New Year from Shady Dawn Pictures, a new South Jersey based production company formed by Ryan and Lillian Callaway, and Cheryl Palmer. We recently completed our first big short film, "Worth the Price" (42 minutes), on a budget of roughly $1, 800 and we're all pleased with how it came out and have festival plans for it as well as a DVD release. It will premiere in Philadelphia. However, we're moving onto bigger, and hopefully better things.

Next for SDP is our first feature film currently titled "Rulers of the Darkness"(Ephesians 6:12), which follows the efforts of Jin Duyen to uncover a mystery surrounding the obscure death of a famous journalist in a remote town. Prying into the case, which had been left alone for almost 20 years, stirs up a terrifying force that sets its sights on Jin. This film is loosely based on Ryan Callaway's novel, "Yearly Harvest"(2008) and promises to be an edge of your seat, supernatural thriller.

We're seeking at least $3,500 more to be able to pull off all of the effects and locations, and additional equipment, to make the film itself as effective as the script. Films like "Paranormal Activity", "Facing the Giants" and others have shown that a giant budget isn't needed to make a great film, and if we reach or near our goal for "Rulers of the Darkness". then we're sure we'll have a 4 star effort to show for by the summer.

To say thanks, if you'll permit, those who make donations will be offered the following:

$25 - Contributor's Credit in the End Credits of the Film.

$ 150 or more - Associate Producer Credit along with a copy of the DVD.

$500 or more - Executive Producer Credit with a signed copy of the DVD

Thanks for your consideration,
Shady Dawn Pictures

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