Donation for Shapextractor

5 Comments by exilaus - Aug 25, 2013
Donation for Shapextractor
***Update 19/09/13***
Some piece of beta model is out.
Need take some change sure on base parts and possible on nose.stl
Go to see stl file on :

Laser lines and display stay at Milan need waiting

3d printer for make beta model waiting :)

Code porting in c++ for 30%

***Update 5/09/13***
Ok no much time for coding but i study and test hw position for start to design shapextractor box.
About coding :
I rewrite in C++ image manipulation and result are simple and fast.
I find solution library for use hw acceleration on jpeg this can give better performance on image manipulation.

***Update 30/08/13***
- Frist piece of code are ready too use.
- Test wheigt of 2$ stepper and it move 3,5kg !!
- Rpi camera arrived and help for design :)
- Check picasa gallery for some video or new photo
- Start simple design case
- Thinking about awards

***Update 28/08/13***
Very big thanks for all donator!!!

I just start to conding porting all in C++ for manage more fast(but more hard for coding) big images makeble with camera module.
Currently porting simple funcion stepper and update code extractor for 2 laserline.

For enthusiasm i exeeded donation(don't tell it at my wife!!) but is need for testing and create design.

Just order:
- 2pcs 5mw red laser ine focusable module 120° beam
- 1pcs lcd 84*48 PCD8544
- 1pcs Camera board RpI (Arrive today!! YES very fast!!!)

Now want share some spec.(possible change during develop):

- Portable no need PC/mac/monitor all powered by RPI! need only powercord or battery Pack
- Full printable case.
- 2 laser line
- 170mm spintable
- current max tested weght 1200g (need more test and this possible change)
- lcd display 84x48 + 3button for manage scanner option.
- Output colored cloud point (PLY ASCII FORMAT)
- TRY to add Meshed output too (need test ,sure for RPI is slow operation but possible no have sufficent memory for it. In case give meshlab script for auto reconstuct)
- Eth for webdav/webinteface for view 3d item , download ply and photo or delete scans.


Hi friends,
i want update my 3d scanner project :
Shapextractor (
I request your support for make it complete.
My wife don't understand my hobby and here don't understand why i "lose" my free time in "strange" project...
Your little donation can help me to complete project and for my wife understand power of sharing resource/project without any profit.

Sorry currently no offer any rewards

What i buy with this donation:
- Raspberry pi camera board
- Spool of abs
- laserlines
- B/N lcd display
- Switchs / leds etc.

More Info

This page was created by exilaus.

Im little maker with very limited found :)

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    AceHack , May 26, 2015

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    Tony , Sep 9, 2013

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    Henrik , Aug 30, 2013

  4. 10 euro for you, 1 euro for your wife!

    Maxim , Aug 26, 2013

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    Brian Gale , Aug 26, 2013