About Kapipal

Kapipal is a crowdfunding site to collect money online.

Kapipal lets you fund any (legal :-) project. Especially personal projects, like a birthday or a wedding list. Kapipal was the first site to support personal crowdfunding.

Every day, people worldwide use Kapipal to make their dreams come true.

Dear User, welcome to Kapipal :-)

I started this site in 2009 to help people to collect money using the Internet. With Kapipal, your online friends and contacts can help you to raise capital through several small contributions. This approach is called "crowdfunding".

I strongly believe in crowdfunding. I theorized the fundamental principles of crowdfunding in the Kapipalist Manifesto. The key point is that your friends are your capital: hence the name "Kapipal" ("Capital" + "Pal").

Today - thanks to Kapipal and other similar sites - crowdfunding is helping people around the world to make their dreams come true. And I hope crowdfunding will help you too.

Alberto Falossi
Founder of Kapipal