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A torrid romance is portrayed by one hundred actors who audition for the two lead roles and the chance to perform the final terrifying scene.

AUDITION is currently in post-production, and finances are needed for editing, sound design, sound mixing, color correcting, visual effects, music licensing, and more.

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AUDITION is a narrative and documentary feature film with 100 actors each playing one of two characters, MAN or WOMAN. Over the course of the script, all but two actors are gradually eliminated based on their performances. The final two actors are awarded the “lead roles,” and only they will complete the final act. All the actors, a diverse group ranging in age from 19 to mid-40s, are judged as individuals; therefore couples change as the film progresses, and in the final edit, each scene is finalized as a combination of multiple actors’ performances, with the location, sound design and story remaining consistent. AUDITION was shot chronologically over the course of one week in New York City in August 2012.

The Kapipal net contributions will be put towards the post-production, finishing, and festival release of AUDITION.

Yes! Every penny you donate will help us move closer and closer to making AUDITION a reality. From our $10,000 goal and beyond, each dollar contributed will help solidify support through post and distribution.

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