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Hello friends and fannish folks;

My NEW Jazz CD "Far & Near" has just been released! For those of you who have pre-purchased it (thank you!), I am currently mailing them out - and setting up downloads for you if you purchased it that way. It is going to take a week or 2 for me to set up my online order page for real CDs on CD Baby (where I currently sell my previous CDs), so I am also keeping this page open for new orders of the CD itself (downloads will be available on iTunes & CD Baby soon). This is the link - it's $25 inc postage (per CD): .


If you don't already know my voice, here (at top of this page) is a short video of my 1st live performance in New York City last fall - onstage at the renowned Kitano Jazz Club - Enjoy!


Why a pre-sale /crowdfunding campaign?
It takes a fair amount of cash to put out a CD, with costs ranging from paying musicians, sound engineer/producer and songwriters - to photography/graphic design of the packaging, right through to manufacturing the final product and promoting it. Like most musicians, I hold down a number of jobs/careers in order to pay the usual living expenses, so recording a new CD - while a necessity (for getting more work in festivals/concert series) is also a bit of a luxury ...

This new project will continue the journey (from my last CD) of well-crafted, jazzy/rootsy songs but this time moves more into my bluesier / R&B / Motown / soul side. And I'm excited about that! Again, we promise to sound true to how we are "LIVE in concert" - you deserve that :). A few more special guests will join my longtime music partner - guitar wiz Margaret Stowe ( and I.

Or make a larger donation - Should you be feeling philanthropic, you'll find all sort of "rewards" on the campaign page, as well
for various levels of donation :-)

If you prefer to pay by cash/cheque (not credit card), there is an option for that - at no extra charge. Just drop me a message and I'll tell you how that works.

And, if you don't have the funds to help out financially, I would still be ever-grateful if you would help to spread the word about this campaign by sharing this website with your own friends and contacts.

A BIG thanks - and warmest regards to all;


"Her rich full-bodied voice is an elastic instrument, especially in songs that speak to the heart. Whether choosing a jazz standard or a song by a contemporary songwriter, Lewis has impeccable taste." (ROB REID, WATERLOO RECORD)


Originally from eastern Ontario (Prescott, Brockville, Ottawa, Kingston), BRENDA LEWIS is what is known as a "natural singer". For over two decades, since moving “west” (near Toronto!) she has been singing professionally - most of those years as a jazz vocalist, performing with some of Canada's finest jazz musicians, including long-time music partners: guitarist MARGARET STOWE, guitarist and Juno Award-winning producer TONY QUARRINGTON, and, JOHN ZADRO (pianist).

In 2010, she released the CD: “JAZZLIKE, a collection of cover songs by some of her favourite musicians whose compositions fit within the jazz idiom. Four of these songs are penned by celebrated CANADIAN songwriters. Jazz guitarist extraordinaire MARGARET STOWE joins Lewis on this recording - a recording which displays the versatility of both musicians and evidences their sheer joy of performing together.

Previous to jazz, Lewis’ background was in the folk/country blues genres - in acclaimed Guelph, Ontario eclectic duo: "LEWIS & MOLESWORTH" (aka “HURT & RUN”), and, NONIE CRETE (THOMPSON), along with R&B/funk/gospel/blues. She still enjoys success performing in these genres (currently in a NEW VOCAL HARMONIES DUO with GAYLE ACKROYD!) - and their influences add diversity to her jazz standards repertoire. This versatile mix captivates both the jazz audience and her long-time folk/ R&B fans.

Lewis’ CDs have received radio airplay on the CBC, BBC and JAZZ-FM 91.1 TORONTO. Prior to her first jazz CD: “LEWIS, WILSON & SHAW: TRIO SESSIONS”, Brenda recorded three folk/roots CDs (with Lewis & Molesworth, and, with NONIE CRETE). As well, she has guested on many other artists' CDs.

She has been featured in numerous concert series and festivals including The MicMichael Art Gallery, Halton’s Jazz at the Museum, Flying Beaver Pubaret Cabaret Series (Toronto), Waterloo Jazz Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival, Merrickville's Jazz Festival, Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival, Uptown Oakville Jazz Festival, Hillside Festival and Festival of Friends.

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This page was created by Brenda Lewis, Versatile Vocals.

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