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I am not claiming originality on the notion of crowdsourcing Tweets for marketing, advertising, and public relations. Yet, there are potential avenues to profitably move the idea into specific avenues of application. As an extension of my overall social advertising services, I already have a range of Twitter traffic generation avenues in place for this entrepreneurial endeavor.

Working capital is needed for platform development, marketing communication, and initial activity. The concept is presently in development for the exact digital framework to be used. Will this be a way for folks to donate Tweets and follows and favorites for projects, possibly for rewards? Or, as a new primary home of my social ad services, could this be a Tweet ad network with a strong crowdsourcing component?

I already own the domain, along with a number of similar domains for both promotions and operations. I am not affiliated with Twitter, Inc. Thank you for visiting and donating! EG

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