Dr. Fu-Kiau Needs Your Help!

45 Comments by Kenneth - Jun 20, 2011
Dr. Fu-Kiau Needs Your Help!
Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau, Sunrise April 9, 1934-Sunset November 29, 2013.

Tata Fu-kiau has transitioned to the ancestoral realm. We will miss him mightily, but we also know he will be with us always. Thanks to all who have donated to support Dr. Fu-kiau.

His family does not wish for his body to be returned to the Congo, so we will use the money we raised to provide a funeral and to bury our beloved Tata here. We also now have the additional expense of purchasing a burial plot. We are still accepting donations for this purpose. Final arrangements are as follows:

A viewing for Mbuta Fu-Kiau will take place on Friday, December 13th, from 6 to 8 pm at:

The Casper Funeral Home
187 Dorchester Street
Boston, MA 02127

A "Celebration of Life" Service will be held on Saturday, December 14th at:

The Chapel
Cedar Grove Cemetery
920 Adams Street
Dorchester, MA 02124

The service will begin at 12:30 pm., followed by internment at Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Condolences may be sent to Tata's family at the following address:

The Fu-Kiau Family
c/o Ngunga Lundula
1505 Ashley Run Court
Norcross, GA 30092

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  1. A very humble, inspirational and life-infusing teacher. I thank him. He has circled back in peace and love.

    GYD , Mar 25, 2014

  2. We send supreme love to Tata Fu Kiau as he travels onward. He has taught us SO much through his writings and we are so grateful for his presence here in the Diaspora. We needed his reinforcement.

    Liberator Magazine , Dec 7, 2013

  3. blessings and asé

    np , Dec 2, 2013

  4. Matondo, Tata.

    Kioni J. , Feb 6, 2013

  5. Thank You Baba Fu-Kiau for all that you have given us! You have provided the roadmaps, and we are following your instructions. -Young Afrikan Scholars

    Anonymous , Nov 25, 2012

  6. I want assist in his journey home.

    Momma Lennell Dade , Nov 11, 2012

  7. Asante Sana for reminding us to continue to "hold up that which holds us up". May God, the Ancestors and Adwo (Peace and Calm) Blessings be with you.

    Dr. Temille Porter , Nov 9, 2012

  8. Good Luck!

    Masao , Nov 8, 2012

  9. Sala Malecum Tata! You are, was, and will continue to be an blessing from the Most High. May he hold you tight. With much Love, and appreciation.

    Of your many brothers , Nov 8, 2012

  10. You words will forever stay with me

    Anonymous , Nov 7, 2012

  11. May the Creator and the Ancestors continue to guide your way.

    Lennell R. Dade & Family , Nov 5, 2012

  12. Nsala Malongo, thank you for your invalubable contribution and work maintaing our culture. Simba Simbi!

    Rocio Silverio , Nov 5, 2012

  13. Nsala Maleco. I have enjoyed his books very much. I'd like to help with what I can to help with his expenses. May he find peace and comfort in the arms of the Ancestors.

    CW Allen , Oct 26, 2012

  14. Sala Malekum. I'm a very new student of Congo spirituality and have just learned in what great esteem my teachers hold you, Dr. Fu-Kiau. Blessings be upon you, and thank you.

    Stacey Lawless , Oct 24, 2012

  15. Nsala Malongo Tata, the NYC Afro-Caribbean roots community loves you dearly and prays for your recovery. On behalf of Munanso Bejuco Nfinda Batalla Saca Empeño, The Legacy Circle, CCCADI, & artists.

    Tribute to Fu-Kiau NYC , Oct 23, 2012

  16. God Bless. Thank you for all your inspiring work.

    Ma'at E. Lewis , Oct 20, 2012

  17. Thank you for your invaluable contributions. You are much loved.

    Marlene Linville , Oct 19, 2012

  18. I know you will be back stronger!

    Reynold C Kerr , Oct 19, 2012

  19. God Bless.

    Clement , Oct 19, 2012


    WEYU , Oct 17, 2012

  21. We love you Dr. Fu Kia!

    Michael Oshoosi , Oct 16, 2012

  22. Hotep

    Dr Erica McInnis , Oct 15, 2012

  23. You are an inspiration Dr. Fu-Kiau

    Dean Leeper , Oct 15, 2012

  24. As a member of ABPsi I am tremendously grateful to you for the wisdom, insight, & guidance that you have provided us throughout your life. We love you dearly & will miss you greatly.

    Huberta Jackson-Lowman , Oct 13, 2012

  25. We thank you for your incomparable contributions. Your work will continue to live on and guide us all. May your days be comforting and peaceful.

    Adunni Clarke , Oct 9, 2012

  26. May the flow of abundance and grace be with you Fu-Kiau. Love, Matthew (Kaylynn's Grandson) & Jee-Hee Haar Farris

    Matthew & Jee-Hee , Oct 7, 2012

  27. For Tata Fu-kiau from students who love him dearly.

    Gbonde & Sana , Apr 4, 2012

  28. Your work and our conversations have helped me out tremendously. You were are my personal spark in the bush. Love always!

    Asar Imhotep , Mar 18, 2012

  29. Greetings Dr. Fukiau!! We now have 10 grand children! Have we passed you? Hahahahahaha! Are you still getting contacts from Asians who think you are Asian? Hahahahahaha! Get well soon!

    Carnita Groves , Feb 28, 2012

  30. Thank you oh great and honorable elder for what you have given to the Community. May your journey be a safe one!

    James Robinson , Jan 13, 2012

  31. As minhas orações para a tranquilidade deste ser tão Puro que é Dr.Fu Kiau. Os seus estudos e ensinamentos inspiram a exposição Mintadi 2012 em Lisboa. Simba Simbi connosco.

    Ana Luísa Teixeira , Dec 31, 2011

  32. Malembe Malembe Tata

    Reynold C Kerr , Dec 30, 2011

  33. Diana Sivi says hello and sends strong prayers. Your love is strong and will always be felt.

    Anonymous , Dec 16, 2011

  34. Tata, You have been such an inspiration to my entire family and to our people. This donation cannot match what you mean to us. I ask the Divine forces to be with you and lighten your journey.

    Nana Efia & Kamau Kambon , Nov 28, 2011

  35. ...the art of babysitting

    karen marie mason , Nov 28, 2011

  36. Thank You for All of Your Work! May the Most High continue to Bless You!

    Yes Lioness , Sep 26, 2011

  37. We Honor and Appreci- LOVE You!

    Rastafari , Sep 23, 2011

  38. Adupe, Tata. You are so very loved!

    Patricia Canson , Sep 23, 2011

  39. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Jacqueline Woodfork , Aug 30, 2011

  40. Best 'get well quick' wishes.

    Anonymous , Aug 22, 2011

  41. He is able to flesh out the material expressions of a culture with its most profound spiritual insights. We owe him so much. Thank you, Fu Kai

    Judy McWillie , Aug 20, 2011

  42. A little Appreciation for your hard work professor!

    Anonymous , Jul 29, 2011

  43. We love you Fu-Kiau!

    Matthew and Jee-Hee , Jul 23, 2011

  44. I have known Tata Fu-Kiau for 16 years. He has been a mentor, Elder, and dear friend possessing unlimited inspiration, wisdom, and encouragement. I'm delighted to join you all in support of our Elder!

    Marta McCary , Jul 1, 2011

  45. I heard Dr. Fu-Kiau speak and had the chance to meet him at the University of Iowa. He is an amazing scholar and humanitarian. I am sad to hear of his difficulties.Thanks for your stewarship.

    Edris Cooper , Jun 29, 2011