International Webradio

0 Comments by Bob Dreamer - Dec 11, 2011
International Webradio
Are you tired of usual radios? Those that streams always the same music types? Would you like to download for free the songs that you listen? This is your page !

We are a group of friends and we would like to create a webradio. But not a webradio like usual.
A webradio that stream Creative Commons licenced music only. Why? Because Creative Commons songs can be downloaded for free for personal use (for different use it depend from the type of license) and Majors and copyright society aren't needed.
The contact is from authors and listeners only, and for unlicenced use the permission is from the author of the song, that receive all the money.
We know that already exist a lot of webradio that stream Creative Commons music but sometime are recreational radio, and there is no high quality. We...

We, on the contrary, we would like to create a commercial international webradio (with a small quantity of ads) that stream Creative Commons music from all around the world and that allow the listeners to download the songs we stream for free from the radio website (we sometime change it).

We would like to stream news too.
We would like to talk about things that often radios do not speak too, like e.g. green economy, free software and open source, fair trade, microcredits... and much more...

Money we need is for create a company,for an office, for tecnical equipement (we will use free and open source software only), to ensure continuity to the project.

The project will start if reach the amount of 10,000 € ( minimum donation is 1€...see the rewards too)

More money means more quality !

Contribute to this project, share it with your friends and help us to increase !

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This page was created by Bob Dreamer.

We are some italian friends, Bob Dreamer is our nickname. We love CC music and some of us have a background in creating webradio

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