Modo: Ember's End

7 Comments by Arthur Slade - Apr 12, 2013
This will be a coveted collector's item: 72 full-colour pages of graphic novel goodness, wrapped in hardcover. It's a stand-alone story: the further adventures of Modo, star of The Hunchback Assignments novels.

See the characters come to life in a full colour graphic novel. In Ember's End, Modo and his fellow agent, Octavia, find themselves in the Wild West.

The great news is: We already have most of our funding. All we're looking for is the last little bit we need to pay for shipping and a portion of the printing.

It's been our longstanding dream to create a graphic novel inspired by The Hunchback Assignments. Now you can be a part of that dream. And pick up some cool swag too.

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Arthur Slade is the author of seventeen bestselling novels (including Dust, Jolted and The Hunchback Assignments). Christopher Steininger Christopher Steininger is an illustrator whose work has appeared in comics like DeadHeaven & Worlds of D&D

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  1. Can't wait! Good luck!

    Hanna , Jul 20, 2014

  2. Hi Arthur, good luck with the book!

    Tristan Roulot , Jul 11, 2014

  3. Looking forward!!

    Ian LeTourneau , Apr 11, 2014

  4. I ordered this at serendipity!

    Anonymous , Mar 8, 2014

  5. Go Modo!

    Anonymous , Jun 5, 2013

  6. Cannot wait for my copy!

    Tristen N. , Apr 24, 2013

  7. Dear Arthur, I need two(2) Tshirts: 1 extra large (Octavia); 1 XXlarge (Modo). Thanks.Best wishes always!

    Silvana Toscano , Apr 20, 2013