Joanna Borromeo: New Album, First Tour

36 Comments by JoannaBorromeo - Feb 28, 2013
March 26th update:

As a result of hiring a publicist, I've so far received US and Canada radio play (#9 on the National Jazz Chart for the week ending March 5th), a really great album review on (March 20th) and an artist feature on the Watch List of music blog, The Next 2 Shine (March 25th). Your contributions are getting put to really good use.

Have a look at the Breakdown of Finances (click on "show more" below) to find out other areas of needed support - such as food and musicians' fees, and that counts for $3520 of the total budget. Since I'm a solo artist, I must hire my musicians to play with me.

As always, thanks so much for contributing. Please ask your friends to contribute as well!

Joanna B.

My name is Joanna Borromeo. 9 years ago, I started out as a freelancing musician, playing keys and singing for numerous Canadian artists. During those years, I performed, recorded and toured as a sideman. I took that time as an opportunity to learn everything about the art of creating music and to observe how other artists managed their careers. Four years in, I got the inspiration to start writing music for a solo artist project. A couple of years later, I had written and produced my first EP, Through the Dark. Today, I have a new full-length album, ready to be released on March 26th. To promote the release of this album, I am going on my first North American tour in April, with eight shows in California, Nevada, and Alberta.

The money I'm raising will help pay for the cost of the major expenses of my tour and its marketing campaign.


Tour expenses for four people: a)
Musicians fees: $2000, b) Food: $1520, c) hotel: $900, d) flights: $2600 , e) vehicle rental (including insurance): $530, f)gas: $650, g) work visas: $625. Total: $8825

PR Campaign: a)
Publicist: $3000, b) postage, packaging and mailing costs: $375. Total: $3375

Total expenses: $12,200

Beyond these expenses, there are other important costs related to my marketing campaign and tour such as the development and maintenance of my websites, the design of my merchandise and other marketing materials, and more.

Teaching music is my second passion. Since becoming a solo artist I've put a large portion of my teaching income towards making my music.  By doing this, and with the help of others in the past, I've been able to spend the time to strengthen my creativity as an artist and to continue to do what I love the most. I'm passionate about my music and I know that I can get to the places I want to bring my music to with your help.

I am grateful for the friends and family who've helped me over the years, and I hope that I will continue to receive support. As a way of expressing my appreciation for your generosity towards my campaign, I've pieced together a variety of thank-you gifts. Its my hope that through this exchange you can take with you a piece of the inspiration and joy that I get to experience with music.

Many sincere thanks and much love.


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"Joanna's the real deal...she's synthesized her many influences into a style that pays homage to the greats without resorting to clichés, or pure mimicry. Joanna's emerged as the artist's artist, with a unique and refreshing sound." -CBC Radio

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  1. Its great to see great music get great support!!

    Scotty Mac , Apr 5, 2013

  2. All the best on your tour!! When you plan your next US tour make sure to add Las Vegas!!

    JayB , Apr 5, 2013

  3. love ya sis! :)

    Ly , Apr 4, 2013

  4. Good luck on your tour Joanna all the best!

    Colin Adhikary , Apr 4, 2013

  5. Have a great tour!

    Luke Gullickson , Apr 4, 2013

  6. I'm pretty sure that if you played your music to a person who has never heard music before, they'd be all like, "this shit is perfect".

    Pardeep , Apr 4, 2013

  7. i want spicy sinigang and all dressed. oh, and you're the coolest and i'm so excited for you :)

    future house mate , Apr 3, 2013

  8. I believe in you and your music sooo much. you know i'm a certified groupie. i made a mix cd of some my fave ladies and had to have u in there. "Train Ride" is my JAM!!wish you the very BEST!!

    Anonymous , Apr 3, 2013

  9. Good Luck Joanna!

    LJ , Apr 3, 2013

  10. I wish it were more, but I guess every little bit helps! Best of luck to an incredible talent.

    Anonymous , Apr 3, 2013

  11. Hey Joanna!!! Congratulations on your tour! I know it's not much, but I hope it helps! Good luck and I hope you reach your goal. I'll see if I can make it to your performance here in Edmonton!

    Chris , Apr 3, 2013

  12. Good luck Joanna!

    Anonymous , Apr 3, 2013

  13. Congrats on your new album Joanna ! Can't wait to see you again in concert. You're an amazing performer !

    Victor , Apr 3, 2013

  14. Have a great tour Joanna, wishing you all the best

    Dan Howley , Apr 3, 2013

  15. Good luck!

    Anonymous , Apr 3, 2013

  16. Good luck! God bless you!

    Auntie Ella , Apr 2, 2013

  17. Congrats and have a great time, cuz!

    Jon B , Apr 1, 2013

  18. GO JO GO!

    Lex , Mar 26, 2013

  19. Happy to support you from down under, and can't wait to hear your album!

    Maylynn , Mar 25, 2013

  20. Wish I could do more, but I love your music and will support with what I can.

    Anonymous , Mar 24, 2013

  21. We are so happy for you, best of luck!

    The coffey family , Mar 23, 2013

  22. It was so very nice to meet you in person today! Please accept my small donation to get you over 30% of your target :-)

    Thomas , Mar 23, 2013

  23. Work it Joanna! Best of luck : >

    Anonymous , Mar 22, 2013

  24. We are so excited for your tour! Rock it! Enjoy every moment of it and come back with stories!!!

    A and C , Mar 20, 2013

  25. I feel in love with 'Through The Dark'. I can't wait for the Full Length.

    The Big La, Todd Kelley , Mar 19, 2013

  26. good luck mama!

    joyce , Mar 19, 2013

  27. I love you!

    lola Ina , Mar 18, 2013

  28. Can't wait for my first singing lesson, bwahahaha!

    Anonymous , Mar 18, 2013

  29. Teaser sounds fab, can't wait to get the album!

    Julie Mahendran , Mar 17, 2013

  30. Congrats Joanna! So excited for you!

    Staci , Mar 16, 2013

  31. Best of luck with the tour. Share your love and music with the world!

    Johnny Rawkit , Mar 16, 2013

  32. Happy to help with this. Keep making fantastic music!

    Philip Clark , Mar 15, 2013

  33. You'll get this!!

    Anonymous , Mar 14, 2013

  34. From the first time I saw you on keys and heard your voice, I believed in you. It's your time to shine Jo. GET IT!

    DJ Sean Sax , Mar 12, 2013

  35. Super excited for you! All the best.

    Belle , Mar 7, 2013

  36. You're amazing!! I can't wait to hear the new project!

    Jenna Burke , Mar 6, 2013